MasterChef – Beer cocktails

Beer cocktails: the art of indulgence and originality

Based on the competitive cooking show, our MasterChef invite the players to compete against each other and to present their original beer cocktails to a fun jury!

In short


Beer cocktails: the art of indulgence and originality

Every team will receive all necessary tools, beers and ingredients (fresh fruit, soft drinks, alcohol, etc.). After receiving some topics and rules from the jury,the players have 20 to 30 minutes to present their beautiful beer cocktail! Renewable 2 or 3 times, each time with a different topic.

For the first cocktail, it’s up to you to blindly find the elements of one of our house beer cocktails; for the second, the theme will be imposed; for the third, you will have carte blanche!

MasterChef: the teams compete against each other

Once the cocktails are ready, as in the cooking show, the players go in front of the jury, judging on 3 criteria: respect for the theme, taste and visual aspect. So be careful, take care of the taste but also the name of your beer cocktail and its visual character!

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