Original tasting in the sewer museum

Original tasting in the sewer museum

Sewers and beer: the importance of water

In short


Don’t be scared!

This activity isn’t about wading through rats in a dark cave, or making you drink disgusting water & beer! On the contrary, this visit to the Sewer Museum will immerse you in the fascinating local history of Brussels! Water is a key element that shaped the city and remains fundamental in the manufacture of beer. Let us explain.


Brussels is a millennia-old city organized for thousand years around water management. Of course! Water is a source of life: you need it at all times! But it can also be contaminated by bacteria and spread large and deadly epidemics. The management of water has been such an important issue that it has the power to shape the architecture of the city, to move factories, to relocates entire populations, and demands endless creativity from humans to ensure quality water. To guarantee this, one of the most important creation of humans has been the construction an incredible underground network: the sewers.

But what does beer have to do with it?

Composed of 90% of water, the origin and history of breweries is closely linked to water management. For a long time, beer was an alternative to water! And even a medicine prescribed by doctors! For centuries, brewers have been crucial for the city and they always have had to adapt. Today, Belgian brewers have a great reputation. But with the climate change and environmental issues, water management faces new challenges: breweries have to adapt as well.


You want to know more ? The experience begins with a short visit of the Sewer Museum, followed by a nice beer tasting on site! Be certain, this visit is worth the detour!

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