Visit of Brussels craft brewery and blind tasting

Visit of Brussels craft brewery and blind tasting

For centuries, beer and breweries have been part of Belgian heritage. Family-owned and historic breweries, lambic brewers, abbey beers… beer is a great part of Belgian history.

In short


Breweries are a great part of Belgian culture and History.

Today more than ever with the extraordinary movement of craft and artisanal beer.

Let’s find out what is behind these pretty blond, brown or red ales, and let’s open the doors of a brewery!

The visit is organised in 2 steps:  

  • Visit of the famous Cantillon brewery: THE traditional lambic beer + 2 tastings
  • Blind tasting in another bar to discover Belgian beer culture. Our visit begins at the Cantillon Brewery! This is the quintessential craft brewery that survived industrialization and still brews beer as it did then: Lambic!


Our guided tour allows you to discover the brewery’s 19th century machines that are still in use, the beer-making process and its specificities. At the end of the visit, a tasting of two lambic beers. If you’ve never had lambic or gueuze before, you will be amazed! 

Then we go to another iconic bar in Brussels for a blind tasting. Through 3 beer tastings, our professional guide and beer expert will immerse you in the world of Belgian culture! Beers made by Trappist monks, the mystery around fruity beers, and more! 

2h30 of gourmet, educational, dynamic and friendly discovery!

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