Beer Tasting - workshop

Beer tasting - workshop

Beer is a Belgian national star deep-rooted in local culture. Beer My Guest invites you to discover this culture through a fun and interactive tasting workshop.

A great activity to bring your team together

Are you intrigued by the rich culture of beer and do you want to learn more? Our beer tastings are the answer! You will discover the history of Belgian beer and the art of tasting in a fun and interactive way. Discover the aromas, origin, texture and many anecdotes about this national beverage.


In your offices, in a museum or in a cozy bar, your team will be accompanied by a dynamic and creative zythologist (beer sommelier), and you will taste a minimum of 4 quality Belgian beers. 

Different aspects of culture 

Several themes are possible: 
  • The beauty of Belgian beers 
  • Beer and the church, a divine experience 
  • Beer and chocolate, an incredible marriage 
  • Brussels and beer
  • The architecture of the city and beer

Blind tasting and Quiz

The workshop can also take the form of a quiz to provide some challenge; participants will have to answer questions and only one group will win eternal glory. 
A fun experience to discover beer culture. 



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